• TPU-3096 Anti-static epoxy flat coating
  • TPU-3094Anti-static epoxy self-leveling top coating
  • TPU-3046 Anti-static epoxy intermediate coating
  • TPU-3073 Epoxy intermediate coating
  • TPU-3066 Self-leveling epoxy top coating
  • TPU-3018 Epoxy flat coating
  • TPU-3000 Reinforced epoxy primary coating
  • TPU-2073 Waterborne epoxy intermediate coating
  • TPU-2018 Waterborne epoxy flat coating
  • TPU-2000 Waterborne epoxy primary coating


Guangzhou Topu Coating Co., Ltd, a professional and high-tech corporation specializes in epoxy floor coating material manufacture and construction solution. Topu Epoxy provides high quality epoxy floor coatings for civil, industrial and commercial floor treatment in a wide range of thicknesses, colors and designs.