Every parking facility is different. Parking decks in multi-level garages, for example, have very special coating needs. Moisture intrusion can corrode the IWC Portofino Replica concrete slab from within, eventually contributing to weakened internal metal structures. Owners and operators want a cost-effective concrete deck coating system that can protect new concrete or restore older concrete surfaces.

A good parking garage floor coating system should help prolong the life of the concrete structure as a whole. TOPU strives to find flooring that offers high performance, outstanding durability and safety for every facility’s unique needs. TOPU offers a full range of solutions from which customer can choose, depending upon their needs and budget.

Our product lineup for commercial parking garages that are available in waterproofing underlayments, color stable, UV and weather-resistant finishes. At TOPU, we offer a wide variety of high performance epoxy floor coating systems for
Panerai Replica garage floors.