2017 Topu Group Annual Sales Conference


On July 22, 2017 at 9 am , Topu Group annual sales meeting held in Zhangjiajie.The theme of the meeting is "Concentration, brave peak".Sub-stationed in various regions of the country more than 40 marketing elite and technical backbone of the meeting place - Zhangjiajie (Baizhang Gorge Hotel).Jointly analyze and summarize the company in the first half of the gains and losses for the second half of the company's development and market expansion and actively plan to jointly develop the market strategic plan objectives.

During the meeting, the first is the leadership of the speech, followed by the sales of various regions of the country to speak, we all summed up the first half of the
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After the meeting, Topu marketing team began the Zhangjiajie natural heritage Wulingyuan trip. Everyone is very happy.
Topu Group marketing elite team has a "
Unity, passion, love, and enterprising" spirit. In the first half of the year, in the various departments of the co-operation achieved good results, the meeting opened this year's most powerful marketing campaign. The second half of the year, the company will usher in new opportunities and a broader market, the people will be surnamed Sutang, concerted efforts, strides to create greater glory!