How many can load ordinary epoxy floor?


         Epoxy flooring thickness determines the load-bearing capacity.
         Preservative paint needs to do more thick is generally based on customer demand, but also suggested that more consideration to the base case and subsequent epoxy floor in what environments. It is easier to meet the actual situation of the floor.

        Several common epoxy floor thickness of its load-bearing capacity:
        Do epoxy floor during the construction of the base surface demanding.

        Basis of the ground, flatness and surface strength of the concrete can be a good 1.0 epoxy floor coating thin, and if the flatness of the surface of the ground strength is poor, you need leveling, patching strength and flatness of the ground, you can use 1 to 3 mm epoxy mortar floor for senior engineering requirements can be 2 to 3 mm self-leveling epoxy floor; its wear, load pressure properties include surface decorative effect and better than conventional epoxy floor epoxy mortar Ping is better to select a suitable epoxy floor is very important to choose their own colors, general floor parking garage of the more common colors: gray, blue, green, marking paint colors: yellow, white.

       1.0mm thin epoxy floor coating: epoxy floor coating thin construction program affordable performance load 1-2 tons, impact resistance, wear resistance in Longines Replica general, it is mainly decorative effect such as: office do not need the kind of transport tools, machinery and equipment no region, concrete foundation floor flatness, strength good situation, you can use a thin epoxy coated in a bottom two faces two putty-coated floor processes.

        Terrazzo, silicon carbide, ceramic floor tile base, as long as the decorative effect can be used: a simple process to a bottom two faces. Concrete foundation floor strength, flatness is very poor, it is recommended to do a layer of cement screed or self-leveling cement screed before laying thin epoxy floor coating process.

        2.0mm epoxy mortar floor: epoxy mortar floor construction program is economical wear-resistant floor technology, it can withstand the force of 2-3 tons of load transport and machinery products, epoxy mortar floor is composed of an epoxy resin and super-hard quartz sand consolidation is made, ultra-high strength, wear resistance of the surface is very strong, such as hardware factory shop floor needs high-strength wear-resistant, resistant to pressure performance, epoxy mortar floor used to meet the hardware factory demand, the construction cost economy, to do the laying of 2.0mm thickness.
Industrial shop floor need to wear, anti-stress of the floor, the regional delivery work environment can be decorated with epoxy mortar floor construction program such as: garment factories, shoe factories, plastic hardware factory, machinery plants and other industries.

        Epoxy self-leveling floor: industrial plant production workshop, heavy truck travel, has high wear, pressure, impact resistance requirements, the choice of self-leveling epoxy floor construction program, which has a beautiful mirror effect surface, and 10% concentration of anti-acid-base chemicals.
Epoxy self-leveling flooring thickness:
        1.0mm-3.0mm, for different industries to abrasion, pressure performance requirements are different, the ground truth project to design thickness. For example: the underground parking garage floor, dealers frequently channel due to the dealers, with respect to the parking area, designed to strengthen the quality of high demand, you can use 2.0mm epoxy self-leveling floor processes.


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