TPU-3073 Epoxy intermediate coating

TPU-3073 Epoxy intermediate coating

TPU-3073 is the combination of imported 828 or 128 resins, high quality solvent, BYK additives, high quality filler pigments, American Gas Company curing agents and other raw materials. It has high solid content and low viscosity features, and has two components of epoxy material which is produced by advanced technical craft. TPU - 3073 has excellent adhesion ability and tinctorial power.

product description

 Product Performance  

1 TPU-3073 can be used directly and can be mixed with quartz powder or quartz sand epoxy putty to improve the hardness and smoothness of surface.

2 TPU-3073’s color matches the Longines Heritage Replica flat coating, and TPU-3073 can improve the adhesion ability of it

Technical Index


component A

component B



Soft yellow or brown


component A: component B =4:1

hours of  use




curing time


surface dry




hard dry




Over freight




solid content

more than75%

Construction Specification

MixtureStir component A well before mixing because there may be a slight precipitation during storage; put component A and B into the mixing barrel in certain proportion and stir well evenly, and then add quartz powder or quartz sand to stir evenly before construction.

Construction method: 1 base coat:  Use TPU-3000 or TPU-3009 until its coating-forming uniform evenly

                                    2 intermediate coatUse TPU3073 mix with quartz sand and construct to reach the required thickness

Construction condition: Moisture content (MC) must be less than 8% and relative humidity (RH) less than 55%, the construction should be stopped when it’s rainy day or atmospheric relative humidity is higher than 85%, or the temperature is below 10 degree centigrade.



As chemical Product, it is harmful or fatal to swallow.  Please go to doctor immediately if swallowed. If it splashes into eyes, please rinse with plenty of water right away and for those with serious condition, please go to doctor immediately. Pay attention to take precautions like fire-proof and explosion-proof. The disposal of the residue shall comply with the safety rules of the state or local government.


Important Note 

Topu Company guarantees the quality of products. The suggestions and information provided above are derived from our independent laboratory. They are accurate in controlled conditions.  However, because we can’t control the construction environment directly and continuously when you use the product, we refuse to undertake all kinds of direct or indirect responsibilities even if you follow the suggestions, recommends, schemes, and data we provided. Maximum compensation from seller and buyer's maximum claim for liability is the prices of order.



component A24KG      component B6KG