Topu Values

Topu values

Customer-centric, to provide customers with the best service.
The pursuit of perfection, in thrall to each One simple thing to do is not simple.
Advancing with the times, people-oriented, pioneering and innovative.

The quality of ideas and approaches

One cut is what we do for the customer satisfaction.
If "better" it is possible, so "good" is not enough.
One create streaming technology, the pursuit of excellence, adhere to the user first One, never-ending improvement.

Environmental Policy

Continued to improve environmental behavior in the whole process of the product, the effective use of resources, energy, the prevention and reduction of pollution, maintain a good ecological environment;
Through effective training to improve the environmental awareness of all employees and the amount of capacity;
Strict compliance with environmental conventions, laws, regulations and other requirements to protect the air, water, soil and surrounding environment.

Mission and goals

One create an excellent business
The company has a strong sense of self-reflection and learning ability.
One group has the same values ​​of human counterparts.
Identity specification produced the idea of ​​freedom.

Chinese enterprises to go out and create
Lead the world to promote Chinese enterprises influence.
Open up world markets, cultural integration, continuous improvement.
Brand recognition, Chinese enterprises cultural identity, cultural identity.